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SmartSel is an intelligent platform for automatic classification and routing of incoming unstructured data.

Our solution uses the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to extract and process information from any type of unstructured data, namely text messages, scanned documents, images and audio files. SmartSel enables to perform classification and subsequent distribution of the incoming messages automatically to the right people/departments, the right information systems or even the right PC folder.

The SmartSel platform also includes built-in tools for dialogue systems and chat-bots which makes it possible to create automatic dialogue scenarios, generate auto-responses and automatically perform other information-processing tasks previously done only by humans.



institutions and public authorities

HR services

Customs services


activities involving

data classification

and routing



Finance and banking sector

Records management departments


Most companies and government bodies get huge amounts of messages from their customers, partners and ordinary citizens on a daily basis. These messages can be sent via e-mails and web-forms or by fax or phone.

All of this information is usually processed manually and only then distributed to those in charge of the matter.

Our AI-powered solution SmartSel helps to get rid of most of the manual routine by automatically classifying and subsequently routing the necessary information to the right person.




The use of SmartSel to handle clients’ feedback more effectively. The case of a telecommunication company

The company is a leading Russian telecommunication service provider in both b2c and b2b sectors. The company’s clients are enjoying a 24*7 help-desk service via both voice and e-communication channels. As the number of clients is constantly on the rise (alongside with their questions and requests) the company is in a need of more and more help-desk operators leading to an unwanted increase in the costs on behalf of the company.

The business challenge:

The increase in the number of telecommunication service customers affects the work intensity of the help-desk operators. The traditional way of hiring more and more employees led to a rise in the company’s costs and was subsequently considered highly ineffective by the company’s management.


The workflow automation cases:

  • Provide a scalable solution which makes a further rise in the number of clients possible without hiring additional employees.

  • Optimize the costs’ structure.

  • Decrease the help-desk response time.

  • Automate some of the employees’ routine time-consuming tasks.


The solution:

More than 50% of the clients’ feedback can be successfully classified into the most typical categories. Introducing SmartSel solution into the company’s workflow has helped to process these typical inquiries automatically and in many cases to give the client an auto-generated response. In case an auto-generated response is not possible SmartSel identified the category and assigned the inquiry to the person in charge of similar cases. 

Thus by using SmartSel the company was able to automate the zero-line support and significantly reduce the response times. This created a better customer-satisfying help-desk service.


As a result of introducing the SmartSel solution into the workflow the company was able to create the desired scalable solution which makes it possible to provide the fast responses to the ever-growing number of customers without the need for more employees.

A large industrial company with more than 50 000 employees has an inner help-desk service which deals with both the back-office and the industry workers directly. Several thousand enquiries are processed daily. The main trouble is that these enquiries are to be classified into more than 2 000 categories.

The business challenge:

The help-desk operators had no fixed classification rules and having to rely on their intuition often assigned the wrong category. This leads to untimely responses to severe problems, prolonged equipment downtown and other direct or indirect costs.


The workflow automation cases:

  • Increase the precision of the incoming inquiries’ classification.

  • Decrease the help-desk response time.

  • Provide high-quality inquiries’ classification not only according to the content but also other criteria such as importance and urgency.


The solution:

Thanks to the in-house NLP technology, the SmartSel solution is able to identify the inquiry’s theme and not only classify it into one of more than 2 000 categories but also decide its importance and urgency. As the result of the classification SmartSel routes the inquiry to the person in charge of similar cases.

However, SmartSel routes the inquiry only if the classification confidence is above the pre-defined confidence threshold, otherwise, the inquiry is routed manually. The described process aims to minimize the risk of a classification error.

As a result of introducing the SmartSel solution into the inner help-desk workflow the company was able to significantly increase the inquiry classification precision while also decreasing the response times. This has led to both the rise in the help-desk service quality and, more importantly, the employees’ satisfaction.

Using SmartSel to better handling the employees’ inquiries. The case of an industrial company’s inner help-desk

SmartSel is listed in the Unified Registry of Russian Computer Programs and Databases and therefore is an import substitution software solution

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